Thanking God for Bethlehem College

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Founder & Teacher,

Alongside the emergence of Bethlehem Seminary, there is a sister institution, Bethlehem College. The fall of 2010 will mark the admission of its first four-year class.

The reason I can thank God for it, though it hasn’t happened yet, is that we have been doing the same thing in one-year and two-year programs for some time. And all the pieces are in place for next fall’s move to a four-year launch—even an installation service on October 3rd with Albert Mohler as our main speaker.

The curriculum is not traditional. And there will be no football team. We will offer a 2-year degree in Christian Worldview, a 4-year degree in the History of Ideas, a 4-year degree in Biblical and Theological Studies, and a Degree Completion Program.

In other words you won’t come to Bethlehem College to learn a trade or a profession. You come to learn how to learn for the rest of your life—with the glory of Jesus Christ at the center of every idea and every event. We want to impart “habits of mind” that fit students for life-long, Christ-exalting learning.

These habits of mind apply to all objects in the world, but most importantly the Bible. Thus we aim to enable and to motivate the students

  1. to observe their subject matter accurately and thoroughly,
  2. to understand clearly what they have observed,
  3. to evaluate fairly what they have understood by deciding what is true and valuable,
  4. to feel intensely according to the value of what they have evaluated,
  5. to apply wisely and helpfully in life what they understand and feel, and
  6. to express in speech and writing and deeds what they have seen, understood, felt and applied in such a way that its accuracy, clarity, truth, value, and helpfulness can be known and enjoyed by others.

In all of that, our aim is to instill these habits of mind and heart in such a way that they see the glory of God more clearly, love the gospel of Christ more deeply, and by the power of the Holy Spirit spread a passion for his supremacy in all things to all the peoples of the world.

When all this happens in the context of a living, local church, something amazingly whole and strong is built into a student’s life. We hope many of our friends will want to follow the progress of this dream.

We would love your prayers for this new venture. We believe God will use it long after we are gone. If God puts it in your heart to be part of our prayer support, or if you would like to stay in touch with us and follow the news, please join our mailing list.