The Bible Is Infinitely Valuable

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Founder & Teacher,

It was a high privilege to speak at a banquet last July celebrating the 400th anniversary of the King James Version and the 10th anniversary of the English Standard Version. I called the talk “The Infinite Worth of the Word of God.”

If you listen what you will hear are four things:

  1. A vision of the meaning of Truth.
  2. The historical connections between the KJV, ASV, RSV, and ESV.
  3. My huge admiration of and appreciation for William Tyndale and his impact on all of us 475 years after his martyrdom.
  4. Seven reasons why God's word is of infinite value.

Here at Desiring God we aim for everything we do and say to be governed and shaped by the Bible. We deeply love the Bible. And if you want to see how that is not idolatry, I hope you will watch this:

Stream or download the message, The Infinite Worth of the Word of God.