The Book Is Here!

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Founder & Teacher,

I’m excited about the appearance of Desiring God! It’s like an American-born Swede who’s dreamed of visiting the fatherland for decades and then finally gets to go. He steps off the plane in Uppsala and feels as though he were standing on the very roots of his identity.

I’ve been dreaming of this book for 18 years. Almost everything I have thought or preached or written has been a meditation on this great theme—God glorified in the gladness of God-centered man. Now when I take up a copy of the book it’s as though I hold the roots of my life in my hand.

I really mean what I say on page ten, sixth paragraph:

The church that I love and serve will recognize the chapter titles. Remember the fall of '83? Of course the length has quadrupled since then. And you have not begrudged me my labor! There is a chapter yet to be written. It is called “The camaraderie of Christian Hedonism.” May the Spirit himself write it on the tablets of our hearts!

I am praying that the book will multiply our conversions, intensify our worship, enliven our love, enlighten our Scripture, promote our praying, free our money, tenderize and toughen our marriages, mobilize our missions, and glorify God in the gladness of a God-centered church.

I am praying that it will provide you with many opportunities to tell people about your God and your church. And I am praying that it will unite us ever more deeply around the vision of our great God.

I want your input on how we can best put the book to use for the sake of ministry at Bethlehem. It seems to me that the possibilities are endless. Let me know what you dream up for the glory of God and the good of our city.

Remember, all the money that this book earns goes to CHEF (Christian Hedonism Expansion Fund), a ministry of Bethlehem Baptist Church, governed by the Council of Deacons and Pastoral staff. None of the royalties will come to me or any other individual. All earnings will be plowed back into promotion and distribution or into other forms of education and inspiration which conform to the vision of the book.

One upshot already: I will be teaching a course on the book in Manila May 18-27. Will it fly in the two-thirds world? One missionary from Brazil thinks so. He called and asked if he could consider translating it into Portuguese.

Pray that God might do exceeding abundantly beyond all that we have dreamed for his glory.

Like a kid on Christmas,

Pastor John