The Ministry of Rising and Walking

A Pastoral Admonition

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Founder & Teacher,

Last Sunday's second service: the overflow room was packed, the aisles had chairs, people squeezed, they sat on the steps and some just drove away.

Four reasons for coming to the 8:30 worship service:

1) It is quieter and more conducive to earnest communing with God. There is a sweet spirit of stillness before the Lord. There is that special freshness of calling early upon God. “I will awake the dawn,” says the Psalmist. As for the staff, we are eager to follow the apostles in Acts 5:21, “They entered the Temple at daybreak and taught.”

2) It is a much needed ministry to visitors who tend to come for the 11:00 service and for those who can't come early. Is it not God's will for us to make room for all who are led here to worship with us? The staff is willing to go to three services when it is necessary. But until then we can make room by dividing ourselves more evenly in the two services we have.

3) Would it not be delightful to get home at 11:15 instead of 12:30? You could relax before lunch with a good book or follow up on some insights from Sunday School. Or take a walk. Your afternoon would seem longer. Maybe you would even feel more like coming back for the evening service.

4) The nursery is overcrowded in the second service. We will be opening two new rooms for nursery children across from the Kings Friends room. But we need your help so that we are not swamped second service.

A Word About Parking

Think ministry when you park. Think others. If you are able bodied, park first in the PLA lot to the south of the church on 13th Ave. It is a fenced-in lot beside the yellow building. We rent it. Visitors don't know about it. Then park on the east side of 13th Ave. north of 7th Street. This is very convenient for people coming off the 5th St. bridge from 94. Make your “suffering” into an act of love to the “aliens” and elderly in our midst.

Growing with your help,

Pastor John