The Young, The Old, and The Hungry

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Founder & Teacher,

I was getting on my coat downstairs near the bulletin board by the east doors. The table was set up for our monthly food collection. I heard the clunking of jars and crumple of bags and turned to see two of our older single women filling the table with their bags of canned goods and peanut butter.

I mention this for two reasons. One is to dispel any notion that the burden for the needs of the poor in our area is the unique concern of our youthful urban task force. The task force sponsors the table but, at least on that morning the older women were filling it up. It is a happy team effort. In fact as I have talked to some of the veterans at BBC they have been ministering to the hungry and homeless for decades. Let's keep pulling together.

The other reason for mentioning this little encounter at the food table is that Minnesota Food Share is upon us again. The churches and agencies in Minnesota have teamed up again to try to replenish the depleted food shelves of the city. Everything we give in March will be matched by cooperating industries.

Our contributions of food will go to the Community Emergency Service where our deacon David Michael works. It is in our neighborhood (19th St. and 11th Ave.) and meets many needs on behalf of the churches.

Why not reach right now for some cans of good food or some jars of peanut butter? Here's another way to let your life in Christ prove itself in love. “And his commandments are not burdensome.”

Reaching out with you,

Pastor John