Then the Five Said Yes

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Founder & Teacher,

On October 25 the church said yes to the Long Range Planning Committee proposals. Purchase the “Hacking” property, build a sanctuary, etc. The following Sunday, November 1 at 4:30, the Deacons met to discuss possible chairmen for the necessary committees. Five names emerged as their top choices. I was commissioned to approach these men and seek their enlistment. As of yesterday (Sunday, November 15) each has said yes. May I introduce them to you!

Dennis Smith is presently the “Chairman of the Church” and has agreed to be the “Project Coordinator”. The role of the Project Coordinator is to keep the process moving and to see that the several committees interface efficiently. As needed, he may convene the committee chairmen for consultation. Dennis has been at Bethlehem for 7 years. He is an attorney in St. Paul with Silver, Ryan and Smith.

Rollin Erickson has accepted the role of Executive Chairman of the Steering Committee. The main responsibility of this committee is to expand the income of the church over the next three years to fund the project. Rollin has been part of Bethlehem since 1935. He served as Church Chairman for over 25 years. He is the owner of Erickson Decorators and former president and CEO of Mineral Products Inc. of Colorado Springs.

Gene Sprinkle has agreed to be the Follow-up Chairman of the Steering Committee. This job involves the construction and management of the Church Family Lists for the fund raising effort over the three years of the income expansion campaign. Gene grew up at Bethlehem (son of Sibyl!), was away from 1968 to 1983. He is back now and teaches the King’s Friends Class. He is the Sales Development and New Business Manager for Valspar.

Roger Fast has accepted the chairmanship of the Building Committee. The committee will oversee the rehabilitation of the “Hacking” property and the construction of the new sanctuary. In his “retirement” Roger serves as President of Engineering/Management: P.A. He is the former Chief Engineer for St. Paul District Corps of Engineers. He has been a member of Bethlehem for over 40 years.

Richard Fast has accepted the chairmanship of the Finance Committee. The task here is the development of financing resources for (non-long-term!) loans that may be needed in the construction process and possibly through to the completion of Phase 2 (new CE space on site). Dick is President of Derata Corporation. He has been at Bethlehem “since the early ‘forties.”

It was a great delight to pursue these men. I sensed in each of them a readiness put there by God. Pray for them now as they begin to assemble their committees. “If God is for us, who can be against us!” (Romans 8:31).

Under the Mighty Hand,

Pastor John