Three Important Things for Members

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Founder & Teacher,

1. Prayer Plan.

The new Saturday worship service (starting October 5th) is intended to catch growth and cause growth. Catch some willing spill-over from Sunday morning. Cause some new interest in Saturday night. So it's not the final solution to crowding. It may buy some time. And it may increase the total base of people from which our long-range strategy can be implemented.

But the world of the Long Range Planning Committee is not done. In fact it is just getting exciting! We feel the need of special concerted prayer at this crucial juncture. On September 13, the LRPC will consider specific ideas for church planting, building and purchasing property.

 On Wednesday, September 11, we will devote the entire midweek prayer service to seeking God's wisdom and power regarding our future ministry. What strategy of growth in our unique situation does God intend to use to gather in his lost sheep, create a people zealous for good works, and glorify his name? This is a crucial point in our history! Come and seek the Lord's heart with us.

2. Parking Plea.

 In the meantime, please count it a ministry to do what you can to make room for our Sunday morning guests in the Sanctuary and in the parking lot. Two things: Come to the early service if you can. And park as far from the church as your love and your legs will allow.  Try the Litho Lot (south of the yellow building across 8th St.) or the “triangle.”

“First come, first served,” is not a Christian slogan on Sunday morning. Those who come first are confronted with the possibility of greater service—will I park nearby for my comfort? Or will I park far away for the sake of others? (Don't forget to look up as you decide.)

3. Payment Praise.

Notice the little number below. Praise God for the generosity of the faithful who have whacked this number down. It will be gone in a month.

Now what? There is a $30,000 line item in the budget this year for capital improvements—namely, a new roof. It is absolutely imperative. (Note the peeling sanctuary ceiling!) I urge all who have been giving to the building fund not to stop when this little number vanishes from the Star. Keep on giving to the building fund for future projects, or help us with the strained budget.

Welcome back, vacationers and students!

Pastor John