Two Crucial Committees You Should Know About (and Pray For!)

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Founder & Teacher,

Building Committee

Things are moving fast since the congregation voted to move ahead immediately with sanctuary planning and construction. The Building Committee is hard at work. That’s no exaggeration—they have meetings at 6:30 A.M.! The members of this committee are

Roger Fast (Chairman)
Liane Laurion
Bill Blanski
Dan Lehn
Gene Ohman
Jan Johnson
Dean Palermo
Don Pearson

Anything constructive you have to say concerning the new sanctuary can be communicated to one of these people. Feed your ideas to them early, because each day moves us closer to what will stand for the next hundred years (even after the Lord’s return?).

The architect has been chosen by the Building Committee and approved by the Council of Deacons. The firm is Hammel Green and Associates. They are committed to working in our limited budgets. They have proven their sensitivity to the unique demands of worship space. And two of their architects have a personal connection with Bethlehem and a feel for our God-centered focus.

Now the process of choosing a contractor to work with the architect and the Building Committee is underway even this week. Within less than a month that decision will be made and the preliminary drawings of the new building will be completed. The Building Committee is committed to keeping us all informed.

My counsel to all of us is: Let us make our preferences known; then let us pray for extraordinary wisdom; and then let us trust in the sovereign hand of God to build the house as he sees fit. “Many are the plans in the mind of a man, but it is the purpose of the Lord that will be established” (Proverbs 19:21).

I take heart from the truth that God has blessed us during the last eight years in a building I had nothing to do with building; and he can bless for the next 25 years in a building I have little to do with building. We have a great team of builders. I trust them.

Study and Search Committee

This year we lost two tremendously valuable servants from the staff: Steve Roy, Associate Pastor for Adults; and Char Ransom, Minister for Children. The leadership they provided in these two areas was crucial. The questions before us now are: How will these leadership needs be met? And who can best meet them?

To help answer these questions the Council of Deacons has appointed a Study and Search Committee. Their assignment is to study the needs and challenges of ministry to children and educational ministry to adults. On the basis of this study, they are to recommend a staffing configuration to the Deacons and, if it is approved, search for a person or persons to fill the leadership need.

The members of this committee are Sally Michael, Clarence Ohman, Rick Purifoy, Terry Rogstad, Evie Wykstra, John Piper (convener). If you have any input concerning the future of our ministry to children or educational ministry to adults, speak to one of the members. We will keep you posted.

The great encouragement on this committee is the promise in Ephesians 4:11 that it is the Lord himself who gives pastor-teachers to the church.

Please soak these committees in prayer.


Pastor John