Urgent Call for Teachers in Cameroon

And BBC Laotian Summer Sunday School

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Founder & Teacher, desiringGod.org

On Thursday, May 18 one of our Wycliffe missionaries, Steve Anderson, called from Cameroon with an urgent call for reinforcements. The need is crucial and the Cameroon branch of Wycliffe is turning to Bethlehem for help. Here’s the need. Please read on and pray.

There is an American international school in Yaounde near the Wycliffe center. The missionaries send their children to this school at little or no cost because American Christian teachers are willing to go out and teach as Wycliffe support personnel by raising their own support. The teachers work for the American school and teach not only the missionary kids but many other English speaking international students whose parents are working in Cameroon.

We are praying that as hundreds of people read this article God will call two teachers to go for one year to teach in Yaounde beginning this fall. Just recently two of the teachers had to cancel their commitment. This means that Wycliffe parents will have $260 a month extra cost per child if no new teachers are found.

Details: One teacher needed for 2nd grade and one needed for 3rd grade. (But any grade school experience would be sufficient.) Starting time: September 4. Support needed: about $1,200/month for singles or $1,800-2,000/month for a couple. But: Steve stressed on the phone that if, on this short notice, there was difficulty raising the support, special plans could be worked out with the Wycliffe center there in Yaounde.

Be a dreamer! Might it be possible for you or someone you know of to take this challenge? Bible translation is supremely important. Could this be the challenge you have been waiting for?

Call Tom Steller or me. I’m sure Dennis and Jane Richter would be happy to give a first hand insight on the basis of their two years in Yaounde. Or to get info first hand call Al Adan, the Wycliffe contact in Yaounde, by dialing straight to Cameroon sometime during our morning hours.

God loves his word. He loves to see it believed. Recruits may therefore be sure that God will look with great favor on this willing service! Let’s all pray.

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Closer to home consider this: Our new summer worship schedule running 12 weeks from June 18 to September 4 is going to cause scheduling difficulty for the Laotian congregation. We will have two worship services, one at 9:00 AM and one at 10:30 AM with children’s Sunday school during the first service and adult classes during both services.

The Laotian congregation cannot adapt to this new schedule without jeopardizing their ministry. So we want to help them stay at the schedule they have now. This means we need four teachers for kids who are willing to give 45 minutes each week for those 12 weeks following our second service until the Laotians finish their service. If you hear God’s tug in this need, call Laurel or Jennifer. The ongoing life and vitality of the Laotian congregation is one of the great challenges of our church.

Pastor John