Using the Online ESV to Listen

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As long as we are drawing your attention to the ESV Study Bible Online, let me tell you one of the uses I make of it that you might not think of.

Reading through parts of the Old Testament can be heavy sledding—like Leviticus. There is more there than you think, and even the troubling parts are worth thinking about if you have a submissive attitude. But it’s still hard going.

So what I have been doing is going to the Study Bible online and clicking on Leviticus and then clicking on “Listen.” I use “command +” (on a Mac) to make the font bigger. Then I sit back and follow the words on the screen while he reads to me.

The reader is David Cochran Heath, and for my taste he is very good—no effort to be too dramatic, just a serious reading.

I use the pause feature to stop and pray when something stirs me. This practice of listening while I read along has made Leviticus (and other books) even more significant for me.