Very Calmly Say, "Your Outrageous Opinions Are Not Based on Truth"

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“Take no part in the unfruitful works of darkness, but instead expose them” (Ephesians 5:11).

Our job as Christians is not to control government and education. Our job is to speak God’s truth at every level. It may or may not change minds or laws. That is not our responsibility. But to speak with boldness and clarity what God would say is our responsibility.

Don’t be muzzled by the comment that you can’t force your religion or morality on others. You are not forcing it; you are commending it for serious consideration. Declaring and persuading is not “forcing”. The fact is, everybody’s idea about what should be done is guided by some kind of prior commitment. Secularists as well as Christians have a worldview that governs their opinions.

Since Christianity is true, there is an echo of it (however faint) in every heart. You never know when the open statement of your conviction will strike a deep chord of rightness in some secular group. Don’t feel burdened with having to control. Just stand up and say what God would say about the issue. You may be surprised that others were waiting for someone to say it.

For example, your Biblical convictions are no less defensible than the incredibly unfounded moral pronouncements made below.

Last year YES\NEON Inc., a private mental health counseling service in Minneapolis, published a booklet to “give information about a variety of very personal problems that are hard to talk about.” This booklet was distributed to the students of at least one high school as part of their sex education program. Here are some examples of the “information” imparted.

“Choosing when, how and with whom to be sexual, is a big part of preparing to be an adult. Choose your partners carefully.” (p. 42)

“Mutual masturbation with your partner is enjoyable and safe.” (p.42)

“Talking with and meeting other gays can help you understand how your sexual preference can be a healthy and important part of your life.” (p. 44)

Option #3 under “Pregnancy Options”: “Terminate the pregnancy through abortion.” (p. 50) “Medically it is best to have an abortion after the sixth week and before the 12th week of pregnancy.” (p. 54)

“HIV can be prevented. It may mean making some changes in the way you have sex, but it does not mean that you have to stop having sex.” (p. 62)

When you meet this in the public square, you should simply stand up and calmly say: “This morality is not based on truth. It is the opinion of men not God. Therefore it is false and harmful. God’s will for human sexuality is abstinence ‘til marriage. Then heterosexual monogamy without adultery. This brings justice, health and happiness to the world. I recommend that the counsel we give our teenagers correspond to truth. Thank you.” And be seated.

Pastor John