What Approach Should I Take When Others Seem Opposed to Christian Hedonism?

With the presentation of almost any doctrine, there will usually be some people in whom the truths do not seem to take root. Sometimes it may be because they are closed to learning something new in a particular area. Other times the problem might be that the one presenting the truth lacks the enthusiasm or love to express the truth in a clear and winsome way.

But many times, it is simply that the truth just needs time to sink in. It is not that the person presenting the doctrine has presented it in the wrong way, or that the people that hear the doctrine are spiritually insensitive. It is that the individual may feel he needs to do more thinking and studying before coming to a conclusion on that matter (which is perfectly acceptable), or that the truth needs time to manifest its full significance and stimulate enthusiasm and unlock deeper riches of joy.

So when people seem to be resistant, we should make sure that we give them time and room to think through things. There is nothing wrong with a period of reflection or even struggle before coming to accept and find encouragement and edification in a particular truth.

Is there only one way to communicate Christian Hedonism? Certainly not. The important thing is not the precise words we use, but that the truth we are seeking to communicate is upheld and understood and loved. So for those who can think of ways to communicate the same truths in different words that would be more effective for your context, we say go for it. Our desire is that the truth of God's passion for His glory and our joy in His glory is upheld, whatever words are used to state it.