What Are Some Journals and Magazines DG Recommends?

As we mentioned in our list of recommended books, so we must also say here. The following resources are highly recommended and can play an important part in developing a solid and extensive Christian worldview, but the inclusion of a resource in this list should not be taken to imply complete agreement on our part with everything ever written in it.

World Magazine
$25 (six months, 25 issues)
$50 (one year, 50 issues)

Modern Reformation
$32 (one year, six issues)
$58 (two years, twelve issues)

Solid Ground
Free, published quarterly

First Things
$34.00 (one year)
($14.97 for students)

Books & Culture

Christianity Today

Christian History

Journal of Biblical Counseling
$24 (one year)
$46 (two years)
$63 (three years)

Journal of the Evangelical Theological Society
$30 (one year, four issues)

Philosophia Christi
$25 (1 year)

Christian Research Journal
$24 for one year (4 issues)
$43 for two years (8 issues)