What Can I Say -Ay -Ay?

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Founder & Teacher, desiringGod.org

My heart is full. So much effort! So much thought! So much time! So much love! How can I express my joy in you all for the celebration Sunday night after church? I never had had such a party. And yes, it was a total surprise. Noël said she was going home, did I want a ride? (Ha!) Didn't Dean invite people to his house for “Enchoir”? No announcement was made in the service. I was totally blown away.

 And then such a program –Liane –Liane –Liane! And such food –Olive –Olive –Olive! And long-distance phone calls from the two most influential men in my life—my father and Daniel Fuller (thanks, Tom). And two of the most significant songs in my life “Were nur den Lieben Gott Laesst Walten” (most beautiful ever, Jerry!) and “Give Me Jesus” (ah, Cindy and Sara!).

 And then the skits –Davids –Davids –Davids! So much work! So much more valuable than a bought gift! And the poems! O Benjamin, Benjamin, my son, Benjamin! And Dennis, it has been a precious eleven years! And the decorations—Ried and Merry—happy for me, and the other kids!

 And the helpers—dozens of helpers—scouts, bakers, decorators, buyers, arrangers, servers, washers, cleaners, callers, actors, singers, players, balloon blowers (!), light switch operators, one-liners (Karsten!), flower arrangers (Liane!), secret-keepers, shakers, huggers, kissers ( -Noël, -Noël, -Noël!).

And finally, the prayer! On my knees at the throne of my God and the feet of my people!

What a place to be! What a people to serve! What a God to worship! What a gospel to tell! And just think, I'm only forty! Come, let us be going. For if we suffer with him we shall also enter his eternal birthday celebration. Let's invite as many as we can. His fellowship hall is very big.

With all my love and blessing -sing -sing -sing,

Pastor John