What Happened at the Quarterly Business Meeting?

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Founder & Teacher, desiringGod.org

1) We got so caught up in the exciting things that we forgot to approve delegates for the annual meeting of the BGC and of the GMAE (Greater Minneapolis Association of Evangelicals). GMAE will meet at our church the evening of May 12. Let's have a good group come for the dinner and information about this important witness in our city. For reservations call GMAE and if you would like to be a delegate, call Dawn at the church office.

2) The church approved the call of Kurt Swanson as full time Business Administrator beginning May 1.

3) The church approved the call of Peter Nelson as one year replacement for Steve Roy from July 16, 1986 to July 31, 1987.

4) The church approved the call of David Michael for eight months, beginning May 1, as a part-time “Deacon for Urban Ministries”. This will be funded by a contribution to Community Emergency Service to cover part of David's renumeration from them while they loan him to us.

5) The church voted to authorize Dennis Smith to pursue the negotiation and purchase options on the four properties to the west on 8th Street. (An "option" is a right to purchase the property at a later time specified in the option.) This decision was owing to new possibilities of working out some kind of common financing with MMC. The church felt more time was needed to pursue these before an outright purchase.

6) The church granted the Deacon Council the freedom to spend up to $25,000 in architects fees if it so chooses.

Pray without ceasing! Let us exalt his Name together!

Pastor John