Who's Coming to Bethlehem?

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Founder & Teacher, desiringGod.org

Last summer Noël and I heard David Bryant for five days at the annual conference of the Association of Church Mission Committees in Washington D.C.  Two months ago 60 of our young people heard him at Urbana '84.  Dozens of us have read his book, In the Gap. A select few keep up with his monthly article in World Christian Magazine. He is a missions specialist with Inter-Varsity Christian Fellowship.

He will be with us next Sunday night.

Or is it Jonathan Edwards that will be coming?

In 1747 Edwards wrote a book that called Christendom to concerted prayer “for the advancement of Christ's kingdom.” In 1984 Bryant wrote another one—in explicit dependence on Edwards. Bryant's is called, Concerts of Prayer. It's about how Christians can join forces for spiritual awakening and world evangelization.

That's what he said he will be talking about to us Sunday evening—both during the 6:00 service and in a special seminar at 7:30.

What would happen if we sustained the power of prayer week on through the year? What would happen if Bethlehem could uphold a 24 hour prayer chain without interruption until 1990?

Stop and read the instructions at the new prayer chain poster in the foyer this Sunday. Your involvement could be the straw that breaks Satan's back at Bethlehem. We need spiritual power more than anything! We have not much because we ask not much!

The Prayer Team meets daily in The Upper Room at 7 AM, and on Sunday mornings they pray from 7:30 to 9:30. What about an 11:00 squad? Any volunteers for this strategic assignment?

Lord, cause your word to run and be glorified in our life of prayer and all the ministries it supports.

“Let us go speedily to pray before the Lord of hosts!” (Zechariah 8:21)

Fanning the flames,

Pastor John