Why Cluster Meetings? Why an All Church Dinner?

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Founder & Teacher, desiringGod.org

The Cluster Meetings are mainly for information and interrogation.

The All Church Dinner is mainly for inspiration and adoration.

Cluster Meetings

  • Starting with the Deacon Council, Board chairmen and spouses on Friday, March 4, there will be 12 Cluster Meetings at the church. The same information will be given in each meeting by the same people.
  • The architects' model of the proposed sanctuary will be on display for the first time at the Cluster Meetings.
  • There will be numerous large drawings of the interior of the proposed sanctuary and the Christian Education Unit down 7th St.
  • There will be a slide presentation of the buildings.
  • Everyone who attends will be given the 16 page brochure of SPAN the Nineties, explaining the need, the vision, the cost, and the way it could be paid for.
  • Available for questions at each meeting will be John Piper (pastor), Rollin Erickson (Steering Chairman), Roger Fast (Building Chairman), Gene Sprinkle (Steering Co-Chair), David Laurion (Creative Gifts Chairman), and Doug Anderson (Nehemiah Ministries Director).
  • Each meeting will last 90 minutes, including time for you to enjoy refreshments, mingle with friends and look at the model and plans.
  • Your interaction is very important! Come for information and interrogation!

The All Church Dinner

(Sunday, March 13, 5:00 PM)

This is not a re-run of the cluster meetings! It is …

  • a chance to see what all of us together in one place might feel like! About 1,000 of us are divided into three groups on Sunday morning so that we never really feel what it might be like to all be together in one place of worship;
  • a dinner you don’t have to prepare, with no offering taken or bill to pick up (the cost will be covered by the overall giving for SPAN the Nineties in the coming months);
  • a great children’s program through grade six;
  • a new multi-media presentation of our church, its needs and its potentials through SPAN the Nineties;
  • a musical dramatic number (or something great!) from the Refreshment Committee;
  • music from the Chapel Ensemble, and from Cindy Nelson;
  • A Look Back by historian Marvin Anderson;
  • words of inspiration and hope from Rollin Erickson, Pastor John, and Doug Anderson;
  • a season of worship to adore the God who is all in all!

Eager to see you all in both places!

Pastor John