Why I Invited Loritts to Speak at the Pastors Conference

(Listen to why we invited Crawford Loritts to speak at this year's pastors conference.)

Crawford Loritts served for nearly 30 years with Campus Crusade for Christ. I knew that anybody who has given that long to Campus Crusade must have a real heart for God and for evangelism.

Then I learned that he had become the senior pastor of a church in Roswell, Georgia. I was surprised to learn that it is primarily a white church (and he's not white!). I thought, "That's unusual!"

And on top of that he has written a book on fathering.

That was enough—almost—for me to call him. But then I went to hear him at the Gospel Coalition. In his message he alluded to his dad in a way that was remarkably powerful and compelling. He spoke about his overwhelming influence on his life and his desire to be like that for his children and for others. So I thought, "There it is. I get everything in this guy! I get the Campus Crusade, evangelistic piece; I get the pastoral piece; I get the ethnic piece; I get the fatherhood piece. Why wouldn't I choose Crawford Loritts?"

In terms of theology, he was quite willing to align himself—carefully—with the reformed position, even though he probably wouldn't wear it on his sleeve the way I might. But I'm thrilled that he is willing to come.

I wrote and gave him some of these reasons for inviting him and he's bringing all of that when he comes.