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A Tribute to My Father

With Other Writings


“My father was the happiest man I ever knew. One of the reasons for this was his singing faith. To feel the significance of this, you need to understand that he was a fundamentalist. That’s not a bad word in my vocabulary. And he’s the reason. Fundamentals are worth dying for and fighting for. But that fight has killed the Song in the hearts of many people. But not in Bill Piper.” –John Piper, from the Introduction

This special resource from John Piper, prepared for Father's Day 2013, brings together some of the most significant pieces from Piper’s ministry that celebrated the influence of his father, Bill Piper. Included here are the eleven “precious truths” John shared for Father’s Day 2005, as well as the his journal entry from the night his father died, the funeral message he gave for his father, and the extended biographical address tracking his life and ministry as an evangelist and father.