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Rich Wounds

The Countless Treasures of the Life, Death, and Triumph of Jesus


These thirty short reflections from David Mathis will help you look deeper at Jesus’s life, sacrificial death, and spectacular resurrection.

Many of us are so familiar with the Easter story that it becomes easy to miss subtle details that help us understand its meaning. This book encourages you to pause and marvel at Jesus, whose now-glorified wounds are a sign of his unfailing love and the decisive victory that he has won.

This book works fantastically as a devotional at any time of year, but the chapters on Holy Week make it especially helpful during the Lent season and at Easter.


  • Let David draw your eyes away from yourself and on to the rich wounds of Christ—the only wounds that heal. Abigail Dodds, Regular Contributor
  • I have been nourished by many devotional books, but normally as a spiritual appetizer—an energy-booster—for the day. Mathis’ devotions are more like bite-sized meals. They are chock-full of robust theology and scriptural depth, feeding my soul with the glory of Jesus. The title is fitting: we feed from and are quickly sated by the wounds of Christ on each page. Matt Reagan
  • Scripture speaks of ‘the unsearchable riches of Christ’ (Ephesians 3:8). In Rich Wounds, David takes us into these endless riches with his beautiful reflections on the Savior. A deeply edifying book. Dane Ortlund, Pastor, Naperville, Illinois
  • Weaving together biblical truth, historical treasures mined from hymns, and contemporary challenging insights, Mathis has produced a masterpiece guaranteed to refresh even the most stagnant heart. Reading these short, simple yet deeply profound reflections, I was compelled to put down Ma- this’s book, open my Bible, and worship. Linda Allcock
  • David Mathis takes one treasure at a time, drawn from the life, death, res- urrection, and exaltation of Jesus, and reverently unpacks it and meditates on it. This book is well-written and edifying. D.A. Carson, Emeritus Professor, Trinity Evangelical Divinity School
  • There’s nothing I find more meaningful or satisfying to contemplate than Jesus himself. In Rich Wounds, David Mathis has written a warm, concise, and celebratory treatment of the Jesus who is everything we need and— may God use this book to help us realize this—everything we want. Randy Alcorn, Director, Eternal Perspective Ministries
  • More than anything else in these troubled and troubling times, our souls need a fresh look at our Savior. Rich Wounds will help you drink deeply from the fountain of Christ’s love and discover in him life-giving pools of grace. Thirty days of savoring him and meditating on the griefs he bore on your behalf will be a sweet balm for your heart and will lead you to springs of deepest joy. Nancy DeMoss Wolgemuth, Radio Host, Revive Our Hearts
  • David Mathis has a keen ability to unpack theological truths with striking clarity. His gifting is on full display in Rich Wounds as he guides us through the life, sacrifice, and glorification of our Savior in reflections that are both poignant and profound. As Mathis directs our gaze to the person of Christ, the heart cannot help but stir with adoration and praise for the Son, who suffered wounds so that ours might be healed. Read this devotional slowly, and delight in the one who makes all things new. Kathryn Butler, Regular contributor
  • Martin Luther famously said, ‘To progress in the Christian life is to begin again.’ Rich Wounds will help you begin again and again by taking you deeply into the surrender, suffering, and exaltation of Jesus. It is filled with profound insight and will help you not just understand but also feel the weight of Jesus’ atoning work. J.D. Greear, Pastor, Raleigh-Durham, North Carolina
  • This book is a treasure trove of fresh biblical insights, deep devotion, and practical help. Each of its thirty chapters is engaging, moving, and percep- tive, with useful prayers and Bible readings to help you immerse yourself in God’s love and compassion in Christ. This book will help you meditate more deeply on the ‘rich wounds’ of the Lord Jesus Christ, our Savior: his humanity, life, ministry, death, and resurrection and glorification. Peter Adam
  • This volume sings with an infectious enthusiasm of the Christ whose rich wounds are worthy of many crowns. Written in an accessible style, it moves from the wonder of God’s love displayed on the cross to the stunning erup- tion of his power in the resurrection, when joy triumphed over sorrow. Rich Wounds will help us sing as we think, and think as we sing. Donald Macleod