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The Innkeeper


Only two weeks from his crucifixion, Jesus has stopped in Bethlehem. He has returned to visit someone important — the innkeeper who made a place for Mary and Joseph the night he was born. But his greater purpose in coming is to pay a debt. What did it cost to house the Son of God?

Through this imaginative poem, John Piper shares a tale of what might have been — the story of an innkeeper whose life was forever altered by the arrival of the Son of God.

Ponder the sacrifice that was made that night. Celebrate Christ’s birth and the power of his resurrection. Rejoice in the life and light he brings to all. And encounter the hope his life gives you for today — and for eternity.

“Perhaps the innkeeper paid dearly for housing the Son of God. Should it not be costly to penetrate and portray this pain? ‘The Innkeeper’ seeks to reveal the Light that shines behind this brutal moment in history and our own path of suffering. Come and see!”

Watch the video of John Piper reading “The Innkeeper.”