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The Justification of God

An Exegetical and Theological Study of Romans 9:1-23


The Justification Of God is a compelling exposition of Romans 9:1-23. Piper incorporates exegetical study as discusses the texts presentation of God's sovereignty from a Calvinist standpoint. John Piper is senior pastor of Bethlehem Baptist Church in Minneapolis. He did his doctoral work in theology at Munich.

Description: Originally published in 1983, this study was conceived as an attempt to understand how Paul defends the righteousness of God in Romans 9:14-23. It involves a broad effort to grasp what Paul means by the righteousness of God and raises the question of election and predestination.

“I do not consider my conclusions novel from a historical viewpoint. Nevertheless, with regard to both the righteousness of God and the election of men, the conclusions are not in vogue today, and so exegetical explanation and defense are needed” (p. 15).


  • The most compelling and forceful exposition of Romans 9:1-23 that I have ever seen. Richard Muller, Professor
, Calvin Theological Seminary
  • Even for non-Calvinists Piper's work is too carefully reasoned and stays too close to the text to be ignored. David G. Dunbar, President, Biblical Theological Seminary
  • Written in an irenic spirit with a keen awareness and interaction with all significant scholarly studies on Romans 9. Theology aside, it is a work of scholarship in its own right and the best on Romans 9. G. K. Beale, Professor, Westminster Theological Seminary