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Can You Hear God’s Voice?

Have you ever considered how many voices are speaking to you every day? Of course, we interact regularly with friends and family, classmates and coworkers, but this is barely the beginning. Every day, we are listening to the voices of television, books, podcasts, music or talk radio, movies, newspapers, Twitter feeds and Facebook streams, and on and on.

As Christians, one of the most important questions we can ask is, “Am I hearing God’s voice?”

Are we hearing God’s voice in the Bible as just another sliver of noise in the echo chamber of our minds? Or do we give God’s word the undistracted audience it deserves? Think through the habits of your life, the voices you listen to — does God’s voice shape and color, amplify or silence the other voices you hear? What we hear and what we listen to every day is the material that will make up our faith (Romans 10:17). Are you letting God’s word feed your faith?