Can I Go Into Missions Without a College Degree?

What do you think about someone with no college degree going into frontier missions?

I sure am glad historically that it was done. Otherwise, there wouldn't have been any missionaries!

Where you're serving makes a huge difference, as well as what kind of Bible training you had aside from college, what kind of a person you are, what kind of a reader you are, what kind of a thinker you are... there are just so many variables.

What you want is a certain set of skills and a certain set of gifts and a certain heart and commitment. And college doesn't equate to any of those! It might, but it might not.

So I would say take it individual case by individual case. And if you are not yet through college or not planning to go to college, there may be a wonderful, fruitful place for you on the mission field.

Let the mission agencies help you with that. Or combine the two: do both.

I heard one time that Wycliffe translators is one of the most educated mission agencies, and they take people with the least amount of education. Now that may not be true anymore, but the reason for saying that is because they found over time that they got their education as they moved along in missions.