Can I Remarry If My Spouse Divorces Me and Marries Another?

Can I remarry if my spouse divorces me and marries another?

No. I know my standard here for Christian obedience is incredibly high and difficult. But I don't take lightly the fact that I have four sons and a daughter, any one of whom, sometime in their life, could have a divorce. Then I, as a father, would be faced with the implications of this answer.

My position is that divorced spouses should stay single as long as their first spouse is alive.

The reason I hold this position is that it bears witness, through joyful, engaged, ministry singleness—not moroseness—how highly the covenant of marriage, the picture of the covenant between Christ and the church, is to be esteemed. It is a loud and clear statement that Jesus Christ really loves his church and his church really loves him. And that's an unbreakable covenant picture.

The reason I'm willing to make that stand is because I want to say so loud and clear to a divorce-ready and remarriage culture that you're not telling the truth about Christ's covenant with his bride. He never ever divorces her. And she never divorces him. It is a forever covenant; and therefore, we would do well to testify to it with this kind of beautiful resolve.