Commending Christ, Q & A

Desiring God 2009 Conference for Pastors

Commending Christ

Here are the questions that were asked during this session:

  • Michael Oh, tell us more about Christ Bible Seminary.

  • Mark Dever, define the gospel in 60 seconds or less.

  • What do the other panelists think about Dever's admonition to preach the gospel in every sermon?

  • Matt Chandler, please talk about the believers need to hear the gospel. Is the message to the unregenerate sheep the same as to the regenerate sheep.

  • Is there ever a sense that if I've been remiss in personal evangelism someone's blood is on my hands?

  • What are some motivations to evangelize?

  • Mark, what's the place of specific methodologies in evangelism?

  • Michael, can you talk about methodologies in Japan?

  • Matt, what's the connection between the gospel that is always relevant and how we present it in a specific context.

  • John, can you comment how pastors should advertise and promote their ministries.

  • Mark, you say that if the gospel doesn't offend the unbeliever, it's not the gospel. Is there a right and wrong way to provoke when evangelizing.

  • We want to live in a way that makes Christ look appealing. Is that a disposition or is it external things I do?

  • John, what would you say to the pastor who says, "I can preach the gospel to hundreds, but I am paralyzed by fear when talking to one person."