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APJ listeners, hello! This is Tony. Today’s episode is very different than anything we’ve done on the podcast. This episode is actually an audiobook. Two hours long. The full thing.

John Piper just wrote this urgent and timely book. It’s titled: Coronavirus and Christ, and is now available for free download or purchase.

This book is made possible because of our incredibly generous financial partners here at Desiring God. Thank you for making our work possible, especially in this challenging time.

It’s also possible because Crossway Books, our publishing partner, is getting behind this book in a big way to enable us to fast-track it into multiple channels, and to get a print version published quickly.

Pastor John recorded the audiobook from his home, and we wanted APJ listeners to get this as soon as possible. We hope it ministers to you, as you find ways to share this episode with your friends, your family, and your church. Here now is Pastor John.