Could a Pastor At Bethlehem Have Voted for Obama?

Could a pastor at Bethlehem have voted for Obama?

Yes. I suspect one did, maybe more than one. I didn't, mainly because of the abortion issue.

I assume the question does relate to abortion, and maybe fiscal policies. I don't know. But I would say that, as you weigh out the effects of a man's whole being on a culture—his views, his personality, his family, his ethnicity, his philosophy—if you take that whole package, I would be hard pressed to say that it is impossible for a solid, reformed, Bible-saturated Christian to make the judgment that, at this point in history, it might've been a good thing for him to be president.

That wasn't my call. It's increasingly less my call. And I don't know how the others voted, but, yes, they could've voted for him.