Do You Think Our Generation Relies on Extra-Biblical Literature Too Much?

Extra-biblical literature is great, but do you feel that our generation relies on it too much?

I would be hesitant to say anything unique about this generation—"our generation" meaning, I suppose, mine or probably the younger generation.

I would say every generation has always relied too much on external literature. I don't think any generation has loved the Bible to the degree that it should be loved. I doubt that any generation has studied the Bible as relentlessly and in a focused way and helpful way that it should. So it's easy to answer the question in one way.

But I'm not saying that to pinpoint any particular generation. Whether it was the 40s, 50s, 60s, 70s, 80s, or 90s, whatever, I think people are always disinclined to read the Bible. Disinclined to study the Bible. Much more fascinated with things that are being cleverly written or helpfully written about the Bible.

So yeah, I would want every generation to really bore in on the Bible, not to the exclusion of helpful things that are being written by others to help you understand the Bible or the world in which the Bible has to be applied. But, yeah, my guess is we all spend too little effort on the Bible.