How Can I Desire Heaven When I Know I Won't Be Married to My Husband There?

How can I truly desire heaven knowing that I will not be married to my husband there?

By cultivating an ever-increasing delight in Christ.

I'm sure there are times when our affections for our children and for our parents—and especially for our spouses—are so intense, and we draw so much delight from that relationship, that the thought of it not being that relationship is painful. And painful is not what heaven is about.

So I understand the question.

But you can come to desire Jesus in such a way that you say, "Whom have I in heaven but you; and on earth there is nothing I desire besides you. My flesh and my heart may fail, but you are the strength of my heart and my portion forever" (Psalm 73).

You can actually get to the point that you are delighting in Jesus so much that the spouse is a help in delighting in Jesus and an expression of delighting in Jesus. So that if the spouse goes you still can delight in Jesus.

And the last thing I would say is what I always say to anybody who feels like dying is loss. I want to say not only that dying is gain because we gain Christ. But we gain Christ and everything with him better.

So marital love is just going to be something better.

We neither marry nor are given in marriage in the age to come. Right! We don't marry. Jesus said that in connection to the woman who had had seven husbands. Whose wife will she be in the age to come? And his answer was, There is no marriage there. In other words, she wouldn't be a polygamist.

My dad who had two wives, one for 25 years and one for 36 years, will not be a bigamist in heaven. He will know Ruth and he will know LaVonne. And he will have a kind of love for Ruth and LaVonne that will be supreme.

But it won't be of such a nature that they are weird or awkward around each other. It's just going to be better.

So everything that you love about being married will be there plus. It's just going to be better.