How Can I Speak More Boldly About Christ?

How can I speak more boldly about Christ?

The key is getting to know God really really well. Have him as your closest friend and as a reality in your life that is not marginal.

If we feel that he is marginal then we're going to feel awkward, because we know that the people we talk to are going to feel that he is marginal too. But if we feel that Christ is the most essential thing in my life on this airplane right now, then it will flow more naturally.

I sat beside a lady two days ago on a plane coming back from Chicago. I found out that she is 89 years old and on her way to the Philippines. I reached into my briefcase and pulled out a copy of Fifty Reasons Why Jesus Came to Die, and I said to her, "May I give you a gift?" (This is one of the ways I try to talk to people about Jesus). She looked kind of surprised.

I held the book up and said, "I wrote this book. I'm a Christian." And she said, "Oh, I am too!" Now, I don't know what kind of Christian she was, but I said, "Well that makes me very glad. I know you have a very long ride from Minneapolis, to Tokyo, and then to Manila. I just thought maybe you would enjoy reading this book about Jesus." And we talked a little longer about Jesus.

I think I did that because I had prayed early in the morning, like I always do when I travel, "Make me a blessing to as many people as I can be. I have lots of work to do on the plane, and I can't talk all the time. I have to get ready for this thing I'm going to. But there they are, sitting beside me. I have my books and tracts with me, so lead me to do whatever seems appropriate here, Lord. Help me."

But that grows out of the fact that he's my life. He's my life. It's not like, "Oh here's a little thing I'm supposed to do." Rather, he is the one holding this plane in the air, providing the oxygen, and governing the sky. He is the one who created this person beside me, and he is the most relevant reality in her life, whether she knows it or not.

The battle has to be fought not mainly at the level of technique or strategy, but at the level of how absolutely real and relevant and precious Jesus Christ is to me.