How Do You Keep Your Familiarity of the Bible From Causing You to Grow Cold to It?

How do you keep your familiarity of the Bible from causing you to grow cold to it?

I pray Psalm 119:18 each time I go to the Bible: "Open my eyes that I may behold wonders in your law." I think the point of that prayer is that there are wonders everywhere in the law, in the Bible, in the instruction of God. And the psalmist is aware that he doesn't often feel or see wonderful things as wonderful. So he asks for it.

So my first and main strategy is that as I go to the source of wonders, namely, the revelation of God in his word, I'm asking specifically that I would have spiritual eyes to see what is wonderful as wonderful.

I would commend to every listener that you don't take it for granted that the wonders will be seen. And don't think that it doesn't matter that you read glorious things without seeing them as glorious. It matters, and therefore we should plead with God to open our eyes.