How Do You Witness to People Who Aren't "Religious"?

How do you witness to people who aren't "religious"?

1. I would ask them, first of all, before even turning to the Bible, to just stop and ponder the deep recesses of their own soul and consider this question: "Do you think you were made as a human being, with a personality and a soul that sets you off from the animals very differently, to only live a few years and then become extinct?"

C. S. Lewis said that one of the reasons we constantly make comments about how fast time flies and how strange time is is because we weren't made for time. We were made for eternity. You can't imagine a fish saying in water, "Oh, this is so wet!" because a fish is made for water. And we were made for eternity. We were made for God.

If they analyze the recesses of their soul, even unbelievers who don't usually think about it will say, "I don't think I'm just made to exist for a minute and then be gone."

2. Then I would ask them to consider justice, and whether they think a world like this can really be all there is. Doesn't there have to be a time in the future, in the beyond, where accounts are settled and things are made right?

3. Then I would send them to the Scriptures to meet Jesus Christ and listen to what he says about sin and justice and goodness and God, and about evil and salvation and hope. And let them see whether or not Jesus doesn't win their trust and then become their teacher about the hereafter.