If the Apostle Paul Were Around Today, Do You Think You Could Teach Him Anything About God or the Bible?

If the Apostle Paul were around today, do you think you could teach him anything about God or the Bible?

Do I think I could teach the Apostle Paul anything about God or the Bible?

Let me answer it this way: I think it would be possible for Paul to learn from somebody today things that he didn't know about the Old Testament or about Jesus. Whether I could teach him, I don't know.

Paul's inspiration is not equal to omniscience. Other teachers in the church are given insights besides apostolic teachers in the church. Whether they're given exactly the same insights I doubt.

Therefore it seems that Paul in his own day could learn from Peter or Matthew. And in our day somebody who meditated long on Psalm 123 might point out something Paul had never seen.

That seems pretty possible. Whether I could or not, I wouldn't presume to say.

I think that's the real issue here: Can the Apostle Paul, being an inspired spokesman, learn from and uninspired teacher? And I would answer, "Sure he could."