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Founder & Teacher,

Welcome back to the podcast. This week we focus on God’s providence. Yes, God is in control, orchestrating all things — your life, my life, this world, everything — and he’s doing it even when it doesn’t feel like it. Like in 2020. Well he is; he is at work.

Making the case is Pastor John’s next book release, simply titled Providence, a 750-page book releasing in less than two months, on January 12. It’s Pastor John’s biggest solo book project by far.

On Monday, I asked Pastor John about the book. On Wednesday, we heard the introduction. And today we hear the conclusion to the book. With the demands on his time, it’s doubtful he will read any more of it. But we have these two sections.

We mention it this week because you can now preorder the title from our friends at Westminster Books for just $19.99. We’re thankful for their partnership and encourage you to order through them as you consider supporting faithful, independent Christian booksellers. Go to to preorder.

Last time, we heard the 32-minute introduction; today the conclusion, at 55 minutes long. Combined, it’s an hour and a half of audiobook readings that serve as our podcast content for this week and all of next week too. I hope you make time to listen to it all as we take a brief break for Thanksgiving. We return with new episodes on Monday, November 30, with a few new features to the podcast to unveil in December.

Until then, here now is John Piper reading the conclusion to his forthcoming book, Providence, coming out on January 12.