The God-Centeredness of God

Theology Refresh: Podcast for Christian Leaders

Infinitely more important than what matters to any earthly king is what matters to God.

For decades, John Piper has traveled the country, and written book after book, saying that what matters most to God is God — and what difference it makes for everything.

Granted, this doesn’t typically land on the first-time hearers as good news. It feels threatening initially — threatening to our inherently man-centered view of the world, and threatening to the way we’ve always understood God as having us at his center.

But what sounds uncomfortable at first can soon become a catalyst for great rejoicing. Soon we realize the foundation on which we were standing was much shakier than we thought, and the new foundation of God’s God-centeredness is unassailably more solid and a wonderful impetus to enjoy God like we never have before. God’s own God-centeredness ends up being profoundly good news.

In this new episode of Theology Refresh, we asked Piper about this controversial doctrine, its biblical foundations, and its deep practical implications.