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Jesus Christ has a message of repentance and forgiveness and substitution for us on the cross, so that if we come to him, some of the root issues that are feeding into the injustices of the world can begin to be solved. So that is the way I would want to encourage ministers on the campus, or just any Christian, to deal with this: listen, engage, but don’t leave it at the level of asking, “Was justice done,” or, “How would you feel if you were Trayvon’s mom?”

But go to that deeper question that asks: “Where is all of this coming from in our world? Where is it all going to lead?” And Jesus has some deep, profound, glorious things to say. He is not just about transforming racism at a superficial level, as though he says, “If I could just produce some ‘humble racists,’ I would be happy.” He is eager to go way deeper than that, down to the place where all of our sins — whether it is racism or pride — start, and to sever the root with faith in the finished work of Christ.