What Advice Do You Have for Those Pursuing Higher Education?

What advice do you have for those pursuing higher education?

First of all, I would encourage them. I think it is worthwhile to become excellent in the study of God's world for the sake of the Kingdom.

God created all things, and he has two books: 1) the Bible, which is the authoritative, inerrant book that governs our understandings, and 2) the world.

God made the world, and the heavens are telling the glory of God. And so are atoms, human eyeballs, and human history. If you have eyes then you can see God's word being spoken everywhere and his glory being displayed in everything.

So it is a worthy calling to be a student of the world as well as a student of the Word. Christians ought to be the best observers and the most careful researchers imaginable. So, be excellent to the glory of God.

The second thing I'd say is that you should be in a good strong church where the gospel is proclaimed and you can grow in grace.

Third, immerse yourself in the Bible and read theology. If you're studying anthropology, history, engineering, biology—whatever—make sure that you're still reading substantial theology.

Many Christians who get saved, say, through a campus organization in college and who continue their education never go any deeper in their theological foundations than where they first began. So I would really encourage anybody going into academia to study theology as well as their particular discipline.

It's hard! I know it's hard. It's asking you to become good at two different things. But you'll really be a profound scholar in your field of study if you also have a good grasp of Scripture and theology. The two will enrich each other greatly.