What Do You Do When Different Generations In Your Church Have Different Opinions About How to Do Ministry?

Some older folk seem to want to tie the younger generation's desire for gospel ministry to church programs instead of letting us "go." Advice?

Both sets of people need advice.

The advice to the church leaders is, put on a piece of paper if you can, or in a conversation if you are not a paper guy, a center and a core of what you want your church to be committed to and be flavored by. Decide on that set, and then say, "Are you there?" If they say yes, let them go.

To the younger folks I would say, listen carefully to the older folks. I'm 63 and I've been doing this for 30 years and I've learned a lesson or two about what helps and hurts, and of course I could be wrong. I'm not absolute, God is absolute and his Word is absolute. I'm just experienced and I hope I have a little bit of wisdom to share. So I want to encourage the young folks to listen. Listen long, listen hard, engage in conversation, and seek not to be renegades but get one mind so you can pull together.