Why Do You Think Some People Reject the Command That Wives Should Submit to Their Husbands?

Is negative reaction to the command that wives should submit to their husbands a result of misunderstanding among some people?

Some are reacting against what the Bible actually means by it. They've studied long and hard, and they see it; but they don't like it.

Most, however, are reacting against a distortion of the Bible's meaning, which is why 1 Peter 3 is so valuable. When you read it carefully it removes a half a dozen distortions.

I would encourage those who have misgivings with the concept of biblical submission to husbands to give the Bible a fair hearing. The Bible is much more intent on making sure that husbands love their wives like Jesus loves the church than it is on making sure that women submit to their husbands. Because if husbands get it right then most women really flourish.

I know hundreds and hundreds of women, at my church and others, who glory in the leadership of godly men. They want men to be godly, humble, Christ-like leaders at home and in the church.

Yes, many people reject the biblical doctrine of submission because they have stereotypes of it that are not a response to Christ-like leadership. I hope that can be overcome.