Can Our Love Be Corrupted?

Ephesians 6:23–24

In this lab, Pastor John wrestles with the question of whether a Christian’s love for God can ever be extinguished.

Principle for Bible Reading

Defining Terms in Context

Often, we come with our definitions of words before we understand what a verse or passage means. This can work at times but we must not silence the passage itself define what certain words mean. Words help us understand verses, and verses help us understand words. So, as you read take time to ask, “What can I learn about what this word means from the passage?”

Study Questions

  1. This section of Scripture is a benediction. What is a benediction, and why might they be important?
  2. Who is grace given to in Ephesians 6:24?
  3. Watch the lab. What makes Christian love incorruptible?

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