Clothe Yourself in Humility Daily

1 Peter 5:5

The world scratches and fights each other to be exalted. In this lab, Pastor John discusses the church’s call to be joyful subjects who build each other up that their King may be exalted.

Principle for Bible Reading

Cultivating New Love for Old Texts

Several verses in the Bible that are much more familiar than others. Many very popular texts are deserving of the attention they receive but if we are not careful they can become so familiar that they lose their gloss and glamour in our eyes. The solution is not to stow certain verses away and come back to them later, the solution is to go deeper into them.

One way to do this is to trace the themes in the familiar verses throughout the book or letter. Often, the themes from beloved verses can be found in people, situations, and other statements in the same book of the Bible which can deepen our understanding and appreciation for the familiar.

Study Questions

  1. How do you define humility? Would those around you classify you as a humble person?
  2. Why do you think that Peter told us to be “clothed” in humility?
  3. What can you practically do to obey God’s command to clothe ourselves in humility?