Conquer Fear by Seeing God

Philippians 1:12–14

In this lab, Pastor John discusses what will make the timid speak, the cowardly stand, and the weak strong: a sight of their God.

Principle for Bible Reading

Summarize in One Sentence

It is often telling if we understand something by whether or not we can summarize it succinctly. Striving to summarize a section, a chapter, or a whole book of the Bible can expose our comprehension and sharpen our thinking.

Can you summarize Philippians 1:12–14 in one sentence?

Study Questions

  1. Do you care about the advance of the gospel? If so, how does this concern show itself in your life?
  2. What were some of the Christians’ responses to seeing Paul imprisoned for the gospel in Philippians 1:14?
  3. Watch the video. What are the three beliefs that are essential for overcoming fear? Apply these truths to something you are afraid of this week.