Do You Know Why You Were Made?

The Good News of Christianity

We cannot live meaningful lives if we do not know why we were created. In this lab, Pastor John unfolds a major reason God created human beings.

Six Foundational Truths for Understanding the Good News of Christianity

1. God created us for his glory.
2. Therefore, it is our joyful duty to live for his glory.
3. All of us have failed to glorify God as we should.
4. Therefore, we are all dead in our sins and under God’s just condemnation.
5. God sent his Son to save sinners and bring them into his eternal joy.
6. All the benefits purchased through Christ’s death and resurrection are given to those united to him through faith.

Study Questions

  1. If a friend asked you why you were born, how would you answer?
  2. Read Genesis 1:27, Psalm 19:1, and Isaiah 43:6–7. What can we learn about why you were born from these texts?
  3. Watch the lab. Why is it good news that you were made for God’s glory?