Do Your Gifts Glorify You or God?

1 Peter 4:11

God gives gifts to his people to bless others. In this lab, Pastor John tells us that if we want to glorify God we must steward our gifts, speak God’s words, and serve with God’s strength.

Principle for Bible Reading


An inference is a statement that explains what is or should be based on something already said. An inference is like the top floor of a building because it always rests upon other floors, or reasons that have already been given.

Statements that begin with “therefore” are almost always inferences. Because inferences build off of other statements, whenever you see a therefore in the Bible, ask what it is there for (or, what statements is it building upon).

In This Lab

Pastor John shows that we serve one another with our gifts in order that Gof may be glorified, not us.

For more information on inferences.


“I just finished cooking, therefore go wash your hands for dinner.” Because dinner has been cooked, the inference is that hands should be washed in preparing to eat the meal.

Key Words

Conjunctions or connecting words are very important in the Bible because they tell us how two statements are related to each other. In this case, an inference is usually identified by: therefore, accordingly, or so.

Study Questions

  1. Have you identified gifts that the Lord has given you? Is it under the speaking or serving categories of 1 Peter 4:10–11?
  2. When was the last time you used them to benefit others? What can we learn from 1 Peter 4:10–11 about using our gifts to the glory of God?
  3. Which gift has God given you that tempts you to use for your own glory?