Four Traits of a Life Worth Living

Philippians 1:27–28

While the world gropes in the dark for significance, our God has told us how to live the worthy life. In this lab, John Piper details four characteristics of an unwasted life.

Some questions to ask as you read and study Philippians 1:27–28:

  1. Do you consider your life as one worth living? Why or why not?
  2. How does Paul describe the worthy life in Philippians 1:27–28? Which part is the most surprising?
  3. To Paul, the life worthy of the gospel is not an isolated life. Unity and one-mindedness with other believers are key. How can this shape how you press into community? Into your local church?

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Principle for Bible Reading

Plan to Do, Not Just Hear

As you read the word, remember the commandment of Jesus, reiterated by James, to be doers and not merely hearers of the word (Matthew 7:24–27; James 1:22–25).

Seldom does anyone wander into obedience. Often, we must take time to not only digest what we have read, but to plan for how we can practically obey God’s will. By God’s grace, plan how you can increase these four qualities in your life.