From Him, Through Him, To Him

Romans 11:33–36

Psychologists cannot counsel him, philosophers cannot instruct him, billionaires cannot add to his treasures. In this lab, Pastor John revels in a glorious God who owns all, funds all, and receives all.

Principle for Bible Reading

Subordinating Relationship

Sentences and paragraphs are filled with different parts (clauses, phrases, etc) connected by words called conjunctions (and, so, because, for, therefore, etc).

A subordinating relationship simply means that one piece of a sentence or paragraph supports the other in some way. The pieces are not on the same plane; one statement holds up the other.

The main piece, or main point, is the one being held up by the lower, or subordinating piece.

In This Lab

Pastor John draws the logic of the passage out with a technique called leveling. Essentially, he is visually depicting the subordinate relationships: higher levels are supported by lower ones.

For more information on subordinating relationships.

Two Examples

1) Suzie went to the basketball game because all of her friends were going.

Main statement: Suzie went to the basketball game.

Subordinating statement: because all of her friends were going.

2) John finished his food, therefore he gets desert.

Main statement: John gets desert.

Subordinating statement: John finished his food (this is supporting the main assertion by giving a reason why he receives desert).

Study Questions

  1. What do you praise God most passionately for in your own life? What about this causes your heart to sing?
  2. What does Paul praise God for in Romans 11:33–36?
  3. In what ways are you not trusting God’s unsurpassed wisdom in your life? In what ways can you praise him afresh this week?