God Became Human

Philippians 2:5–8

God did not become an angel to save angels. But he did become fully human to save humans. In this lab, John Piper shows us the beauty of the Son humbling himself to become a man to save us.

Some questions to ask as you read and study Philippians 2:5–8:

  1. Does it ultimately matter if Jesus was fully human or fully God? What is at stake?
  2. This text tells us that Jesus was in the “form of God” and was in the “likeness of humans.” Does this mean that he wasn’t really God nor man?
  3. What does Christ’s incarnation and death teach us how we are to love one another?

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Principle for Bible Reading

Interpret What Is Unclear by What Is Clear

If you cannot understand a passage, a helpful thing to do is discern what is clear from the passage (and surrounding passages) to see whether it can shed light on what is unclear.