God Blesses You to Bless the World

Psalm 67

Why does God love and bless his undeserving children like he does? These seven verses unlock several reasons, including one that should shape the direction and purpose of your life. In this lab, John Piper highlights what God wants from the world, as well as his plan to use us to spread his blessing all over the earth.

Principle for Bible Reading

Purpose statements (“that” or “in order that”) are very important for understanding the flow of someone’s argument. It explains the motivation or purpose (the “why”) of a given action or activity. When that purpose is God’s, it raises the stakes infinitely high.

Study Questions

  1. Read Psalm 67, and ask what God wants. How many different desires can you identify in these seven verses?
  2. Now restate each of those desires in the opposite way. What does God not want (based on Psalm 67)?
  3. The psalm opens, “May God be gracious to us and bless us . . .” Looking at the rest of this psalm, why do you think God blesses us?