God Wages War Through Our Weakness

Psalm 8

In this lab, Pastor John shows us that God conquers his foes with babies, and rules his world through the frailty of man, all to demonstrate his incomparable majesty.

Principle for Bible Reading

Questions for Old Testament Reading

Often we read the Old Testament thinking much of it doesn’t really apply to us today. We reason that God interacted differently with his people before Christ’s cross and resurrection. By doing this, we often skip over Old Testament insights that would enrich our knowledge of ourselves, God, and the gospel.

The discipline to meditate on Old Testament passages in light of Christ and the New Testament is vital. The following contains questions to begin your reflection:

  • Do the themes or principles that I identify in the Old Testament passage or narrative apply today? And if not, why not?
  • What can I learn about God from this passage? Do I see these attributes in Jesus’s life?
  • How does this section contribute to the overall story about Jesus?

Study Questions

  1. What weaknesses do you have that tempt you to believe that God could not use you?
  2. What does it mean that God uses babies to defeat his foes (Psalm 8:2)?
  3. David begins and ends Psalm 8 with praising God’s majestic name. What are several reasons he gives in the Psalm for praising God’s name?